Game of Gifts by Willem Glaudemans

In-depth method for personal development

Willem Glaudemans’ Game of Gifts is a profound method for personal development and living and working from the heart. It works transformatively with life questions, questions of meaning, deepening relationships, personal leadership or career questions. It assumes that everyone has a life mission and all the Gifts to fulfil that.

Friction in your life, relationships or work often turns out to be an inner whisper or even a scream that indicates you are straying from your path. If you ignore that feeling for a long time, it can even lead to health problems. Once you have found your path, you feel deep trust, joy, and fulfilment. You feel and know that you matter, that you are even needed, and that everything serves your path. Why and how? That is exactly what you discover in a transformative personal coach trajectory or in a workshop with the Game of Gifts.

Phases of the Game of Gifts

Through the coaching method ‘The Game of Gifts,’ you delve into essential questions. You thoroughly explore who you are, what drives you, and what is good for you. You are freed from limiting judgments, fears, and expectations. By tapping into your unconscious wisdom, your soul can speak. This way, you can freely remember who you truly are and what your life mission is. The Game of Gifts consists of 5 phases, described below. A complete personal trajectory takes an average of 6 sessions lasting 1.5-2 hours each. However, you determine the intensity and pace!

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The first step in the game is discovering your Gifts from over 90 archetypes (primordial images). Besides your work or family, also think about gifts/talents that help you relax or qualities for which you receive compliments. We take a moment to reflect on your pitfalls, challenges and irritations because hidden within them are often talents as well. Ultimately, you will know which 12 or 13 Gifts belong to you. With them, you embark on an inner journey.

In a series of conversations, you will further explore your Gifts and learn to take personal leadership. You will learn how to optimally utilize your talents and understand what they need. You will also learn to recognize what happens when you neglect your personal leadership. I ensure that you can transcend your rational thinking and judgments. That you can clear away what stands in the way of your path. And that you can open yourself to what desires to emerge within you.

We appeal to your inner world, your unconscious, your imagination, inner knowing, center, or soul (call it what resonates with you). In order to fully integrate the transformative power of the Game of Gifts, you will consciously engage with it through homework assignments.

Once you have explored all your Gifts, it’s time to visualize your ‘roadmap’. We work with the metaphor of the Tree of Life. Your soul speaks and clearly shows how you can utilize your specific Gifts to fulfill your life mission or purpose. And not coincidentally, you also see how your Gifts can help you experience balance in life and work. This magical phase is incredibly enlightening. Additionally, it serves as a prelude to your beautiful life mission.

Ultimately, you formulate your personal mission in life. Your Gifts provide you with the input for this. You only need to receive it. It is always a miracle when someone discovers their life mission. Something truly profound happens. If you can wholeheartedly say ‘YES’ to it, then you show yourself, from the depths of your being, ready to embark on your path. And you will notice it. Ultimately, you have a guiding compass that you can apply to every choice in your life. It allows you to reclaim leadership over your life and experience what it’s like to walk your path with confidence, joy, and fulfilment.

The Game of Gifts is a fantastic method to use for life questions, deepening relationships or career inquiries. However, Gifts/talents and mission can remain vague if they are not made concrete. That’s why I guide you towards translating your Gifts into practical and actionable steps and living your mission in every day life. We conclude the process with concrete actions and focal points that allow you to embark on your very own heroes journey.

Optionally, you can further connect with the principles that can guide you in life and work; your values and beliefs. They often explain why something resonates with you or why you consider something more important than others do. Knowing the personal principles you often unconsciously live and work by provides valuable additional insight. In this phase, we explore your personal values and beliefs. Do they align with how you currently live and work? Is there a need for movement or change? Your mission and personal principles form the foundation for a balanced life.

If you have a compass that gives direction and you know what your principles are, then it is important that you learn to remain faithful to them. To effectively distribute your time and energy, to set priorities. In this phase, you also learn to allocate the right amount of time to the right things. To be effective and efficient. You will receive concrete tools and assignments to truly master your personal management skills. You learn to make conscious choices in roles, tasks, and planning.

Game of Gifts

  • average trajectory: 6 meetings (5 phases)
  • average duration: 3 months
  • in real life or online


€ 1.200 including VAT. This is for 6 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

€ 875 including VAT for a personal one day deep dive with the Game of Gifts

Deep dive Game of Gifts
You can go through the phases of ‘Game of Gifts’ in one intense day. I’ll guide you through this deep dive where you will discover your Gifts and life mission. The investment in yourself includes a telephone intake, a fully catered day 1-to-1 workshop and an online coaching session (45 minutes) after a few weeks.

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